Stade Bauer

Capacity9 750
Country France
ClubsRed Star
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Construction2021 - 2024
Design SCAU, Clement Blanchet Architecture


Stade Bauer – design description

A multi-functional facility is to be built on the site of the existing stadium, which is in a very bad condition. Currently, it can only accommodate 2,999 spectators as some of the stands are out of use. The construction of the new arena is part of a larger investment project in the Bauer district of Saint-Ouen, located in the Paris metropolitan area.

Architects' task was to integrate the stadium into architecture of the district with a flea market nearby. It was decided that the facades will be made mostly of bricks, which is to harmonize with the aesthetics of the neighbourhood.

The venue is inspired by English stadiums from the beginning of the 20th century. Four stands are planned, three of which will be roofed. There will be single-tier tribunes along the sideline, while initially it was envisioned that premium balconies would be created behind the east zone. Eventually an option of integrating a regular stand in that area was released.

The emblematic pyramidal residential building on the opposite side is to be preserved, with no permanent seating planned. Distance between the stands and the playing field should not exceed 6 metres.

In addition to the stadium, offices, cultural facilities, health facilities and commercial areas will be created. The investments around the arena are temporarily named "Bauer Box" and will consume 30,000 square metres of land.



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