Nansha Cultural and Sports Complex Stadium

Capacity60 000
Country People's Republic of China
CategoryDesign being implemented
CostCNY 7.179 B ($1 B)
Design Zaha Hadid Architects, GuangDong Architectural Design & Research Institute
Contractor China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau


Nansha Cultural and Sports Complex Stadium – design description

¿Por qué se proyecta un nuevo complejo deportivo en Nansha?

In August 2021, Guangdong province, together with Hong Kong and Macau, was selected to host the 15th Chinese National Games, to be held in 2025. The organisers have decided to build a new sports complex to host part of the competition. It will include a large stadium, which is expected to be the main arena for the Games.

The new complex is to be built in Nansha, a southern district of Guangzhou. The site has been designated in the Eryichang area, at the southern end of Nansha, located on the banks of the Pearl River estuary. The site is more than 80 km from the centre of Guangzhou. A railway station is planned for Eryichang, and a branch of the new, almost 50-kilometre-long bridge connecting Shenzhen and Zhongshan is also to run here.

When were the renderings of the new sports complex in Nansha presented?

On July 21, 2023, the results of the international competition for the design of the new complex were announced and renderings of the winning concept, a collaboration between Zaha Hadid Architects and GuangDong Architectural Design & Research Institute, were shown.

What will the new sports complex at Nansha look like?

In addition to the main stadium, the complex will include a 20,000-seat arena, an indoor swimming complex with an auditorium for 4,000 people, an auxiliary stadium, as well as a multi-storey car park and supporting infrastructure. Plazas, paths and green areas will be part of the complex. The facilities of the complex are to symbolise the pearls scattered on the seashore. The entire project is expected to cost 7.179 billion yuan.

What will the main stadium of the new sports complex in Nansha feature?

The main stadium of the Nansha Cultural and Sports Complex will have a capacity of 60,000 spectators. The facility will be given a multi-purpose character and will be equipped with an athletics track. The roof of the stadium is to resemble an unfolded, traditional Chinese fan, and the pattern seen on its façade is to refer to the appearance of the masts of ancient boats from the Nanyue Kingdom period.

On one side, a sizable opening will be created between the roof and the stands, through which a view of the Pearl River estuary will be revealed. The stands on the opposite side will be noticeably higher, allowing a significant proportion of the stadium's spectators to access the view of the reservoir.

How is the construction of the Nansha Cultural and Sports Complex progressing?

A report on the construction of the Nansha Cultural and Sports Complex Stadium can be seen on a separate subpage

The main contractor for the Nansha Cultural and Sports Complex was China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau. Construction of the complex began in August 2023. The facilities are expected to be ready for the Chinese National Games in 2025, so work is proceeding at a rapid pace.



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