Wyndham Stadium

Capacity15 000
Country Australia
ClubsWestern United
CategoryDesign outdated
Design Populous
Design time 2018


Wyndham Stadium – design description

Though the club's name was initially expected to have 'Western Melbourne' in it, the stadium won't be built in Melbourne at all. Not only is it planned in the western suburb of Wyndham, it's also set to grow in the distant neighbourhood of Tarneit. But, as detached as Tarneit may seem at present, it's one of the fastest developing areas, growing by hundreds of residents weekly, already with rail connection with Melbourne proper.

Wyndham was the municipality to team up with Western Melbourne Group, an ownership campaign for new A League team, WUFC. The joint venture sees the city give land, while private investors build the stadium. This is what's crucial about WUFC: it's going to be the very first A League team to own its stadium outright and cash in on all the revenue.

Thus the economic and sensible scale of the planned development, expected to house 15,000 people on matchdays. The auditorium will largely have a single tier, though the east stand should be divided into two, while the west side will be topped by premium zones, as is customary.

From the outside, the stadium's very simple prefabricated steel structure shouldn't be exposed thanks to lightweight translucent segments adorning the facades. This, of course, allows impressive nighttime lighting for events.

The stadium's south-western corner will have a commercial pavilion attached, while the west stand will be conjoined with auditorium for the secondary stadium, for youth and reserve teams. Aside from the main field there are three other full-sized pitches planned and two smaller fields, creating the base for the team's training academy.



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