Stade de la Mosson

Capacity33 000
Country France
ClubsSC Montpellier Hérault
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost€ 30-50 mln
Construction2014 - 2017
Design A+ Architecture
Design time 2013


Stade de la Mosson – design description

Redevelopment will bring new identity and improved standard to the stadium. All stands will be covered with the largest, south stand, receiving roof with iconic mast to support it. Also, some 20 skyboxes are to be added, along with extensive corporate infrastructure to the north.

Architects predict the revamp to cost some €30 million ($40m), but media outlets already inform of €50 million ($68m) budget. First time ever it won't be the city hall paying, but agglomeration authorities.

With the stadium being constantly in use, redevelopment is expected to be phased throughout a 3-year period, ending in 2017.



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