New National Stadium (XIX)

Capacity80 000
Country Japan
CategoryDesign not meant to be implemented
Design Tokujin Yoshioka Design
Design time 2016


New National Stadium (XIX) – design description

This proposal for Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium wasn’t part of any design competition. It was released only after the final design selection in December 2015. The vision by designer Tokujin Yoshioka is expected to be part a wider dialogue about stadiums and architecture overall.

It’s focused on the visitor’s experience and almost all of the stadium is accessible for the public. Including, most notably the roof. Created as a uniform ring hovering above the stands, it’s accessible with ramps running gently along the western and eastern sides. Since they’re carved into redefined landscape, the entire area of the stadium is aesthetically a large park.

The roof would serve as a destination for walks, training and viewing deck. But also a place for rest and contemplation with a stunning fountain covering the inner perimeter. It might also serve as ice rink in winter or emergency reservoir in case of natural disasters.

Just like Yoshioka’s previous design creations, the stadium’s minimalistic and harmonious, aiming to fuse the sports venue with surrounding park and epitomize finely-honed Japanese beauty.



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