Razorback Stadium

Capacity76 212
Country United States of America
CategoryDesign implemented
Cost$ 160 mln
Design time 2016


Razorback Stadium – design description

The concept envisages filling of the last available part of Razorback Stadium, the north end. To do this, existing Frank Boyles Athletics Center will be demolished and new training facilities will be incorporated into the planned grandstand.

This plan could have meant the end of a major tradition as ever since it opened, the stadium allowed viewing events from the hill north-east of it. To keep that habit alive at least partly, the new grandstand won’t reach the north-east corner, still giving a glimpse of the field. And though the seating bowl won’t be a continuous ring, a new concourse will allow fans to walk around the stadium with ease.

In terms of seating this expansion won’t be huge, especially compared to many NCAA grounds. There will be only 4,800 seats added, all of them of premium level. With the budget expected to reach $160 million, this means a stunning $33,000 per seat. It becomes less shocking when we realize these include private boxes, large air-conditioned lounges, open-air corporate loges and other facilities, all topped by a massive terrace with standing room and bars.  



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