Stadionul Francisc von Neuman

Capacity12 584
Country Romania
ClubsUTA Arad
CategoryDesign implemented
CostRON 37.63 mln
Design time 2015
Contractor SC TEHNODOMUS SA Arad
Address 310350 Arad, Calea Aurel Vlaicu 36, Romania


Stadionul Francisc von Neuman – design description

Entirely new stadium in Arad is to be built in the place of old Stadionul Francisc von Neumann, almost in the centre of the city. Before planning began it was decided the field and floodlights would be retained in their existing form. This determined size and layout of the stands, because there is no room for corner sections due to roads and existing buildings.

Since 2009 there was a concept of a stadium with four independent stands able to hold over 12,000 people. This means the designed stadium wouldn’t outgrow its predecessor (at peak size in history). Initial proposal suggested there would be a circular tensile roof covered with membrane, but that idea was later verified in favour of a more modest one, seeing each stand covered separately.

General construction contract was signed in 2014 and gives the contractor 36 months to complete the stadium. The stands alone would cost RON 32.7 million, but additional 4.9 million was awarded in 2015 to build a heated field.



  • Stadionul Francisc von Neuman
    2015 ©
  • Stadionul Francisc von Neuman
    2015 ©
  • Stadionul Francisc von Neuman
    2015 ©

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