Khalifa National Stadium

Capacity65 000
Country United Arab Emirates
CityAbu Dhabi
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost$ 1,36 mld / bln
Design Arup Associates


Khalifa National Stadium – design description

This proposal for United Arab Emirates new national stadium was drawn as part of the Abu Dhabi's long term development plan. It's planned to be located in Capital District, the most prestigious part of the city with skyscrapers and embassies around.

This is to be UAE's first stadium with a mobile roof that will slide outside the stadium if needed, while covering the interior from heat during events. With this feature, the stadium is to become a year-round destination for entertainment events and the largest indoor facility in the Middle East.

Initially planned at somewhere over 50,000, capacity was later set at 65,000 with a unique variety of premium seating options - starting with regular business seats and ending at a mini-palace within the royal lounge.

Previously planned for delivery in mid-2013, the stadium was to see its groundbreaking in 2010. However, the entire project worth almost $1.4 billion has been put on hold despite construction tender being issued.



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