Stadio Cagliari (I)

Capacity24 780
Country Italy
ClubsCagliari Calcio
CategoryDesign outdated
Construction2019 - 06/2021 ?
Design GAU Arena


Stadio Cagliari (I) – design description

Main inspiration for this stadium is its maritime environment. The upturned roof was inspired by a sail. Facades covered with blue glass and aluminium simulate the sea, while large oval shapes landscaped into its direct surroundings (fountain, courtyard) are like rocks scattered on the beach.

This light and consistent concept envisages stands cut into two tiers, with the main western side playing dominant role. It would house conference facilities, 26 private boxes, smaller lounges and one major lounge on top, giving overview of both the field and the sea outside.

While initial capacity is set at under 25,000, eventually the stadium could grow to 30,000. 5,200 additional seats might be installed on top of the north, east and south sections.

In line with Cagliari Calcio's requirements, the stadium also offers extensive facilities for commercial and leisure use, in order to generate revenue throughout the week.



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