Stade Saint Symphorien

Capacity30 000
Country France
ClubsFC Metz
CategoryDesign being implemented
Cost€ 60 mln
Construction27/05/2019 - 2022
Design Fiebiger GmbH


Stade Saint Symphorien – design description

Planned for many years, redevelopment of Stade St. Symphorien is finally coming to fruition. Though smaller in scale than the concept of 2011, this vision retains key features of that scheme: new south stand, enclosing the stadium and major upgrade in all respects. Eventually the stadium should reach 30,000 people.

The new south stand will be double-tiered. In the second stage it will be joined by two corner sections, altogether holding 7,955 people, including 136 wheelchair spaces. Interestingly, the premium seating capacity would vary depending on demand, between 2,239 and 4,500 seats.

The grandstand will come with 15,400 m2 of floor space, of which over 10,000 will be used to create commercial activity not only on matchdays. 8,000 m2 would serve as hospitality, convention and banqueting infrastructure, including the main ballroom for 250 people. Further 2,000 m2 would serve as coworking space, while just 1,000 m2 is reserved for FC Metz facilities.

Divided into levels, the space would be organised as follows: ground floor for sporting and media facilities; level 1 for corporate hospitality and events; level 2 for the business club and presidential box; level 3 for hospitality spaces and corporate events, with closed and heated public spaces; level 4 for coworking; level 5 for general public, control centre and press boxes.

With the new grandstand delivered, the stadium would no longer have its asymmetric layout, earning a uniform silhouette. It would then receive a translucent wrap, which would only not cover the east end's facade (due to spatial constraints).

The revamp will also see changes across existing three stands, most visible one being the replacement of all seats. The floodlighting, sound and access control systems would also be entirely replaced. Finally, a new public plaza would be created in the south, ensuring smooth crowd flow on event days.

Constriction began on May 27, 2019, when the old south side's demolition was launched. It's expected that the new south stand would be operational in August, 2020. Then both corners would be worked on, taking one more year. Finally, works on new facade and systems would follow afterwards.

Though the investment is receiving public support, bulk of the cost rests on FC Metz. The club would put forward €45.5 million out of the total of €60 million. Remainder would come from the city of Metz (€5m), department of Moselle (€5m) and region of Grand Est (€4.5m). The partnership was possible after FC Metz received long-term lease of the venue last year, becoming its sole manager for 50 years.



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