Club Brugge Stadion

Capacity40 116
Country Belgium
ClubsClub Brugge
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Design SCAU
Contractor Alheembouw, Cordeel


Club Brugge Stadion – design description

The idea of a new stadium for Club Brugge within the Olympia site (where current Jan Breydel Stadion stands) has been resurfacing for years but it never came as close to fruition as in 2020. Despite the ongoing pandemic Club Brugge managed to selected the preferred design and contractors, all meeting both infrastructural and economic expectations.

Created by the renowned Parisian office SCAU, the vision is particularly compact. Even though the new stadium would be 10,000 larger than its predecessor (Jan Breydel Stadion is roughly 30,000), the difference in size would be quite modest, just a few meters taller and wider. Overall the stadium's length should stay within 220 meters, width in 167 m, while peak height was announced at 32 m, just 4 more than the old ground.

Reduction in size is part of crucial efforts to satisfy fears of local residents, some of whom were afraid the new stadium would overshadow their houses. Changes in landscaping are also a way to ease fears of the neighbours. 11 training fields at Olympia would be changed into a flat park with high number of trees. Combined with textile facade, the trees would help disperse matchday noise.

On matchdays much of the park would be converted into green and shaded parking. In total 4,000 parking spaces are to be available within or around the stadium, with another 4,000 spaces for bikes and room for 125 buses.

In order to limit traffic impact on local community, Club Brugge are promising a number of means for 'peak shaving'. These include promotion of earlier arrival and phased egress from the stadium, promotion of carpooling (through special app informing fans when someone nearby has a ticket for the same game) and maximising public transport use.

The seating layout includes a massive single-tiered north end for most vocal supporters, able to hold upwards of 12,000 people. The west and (partly) east stands would host premium seating customers, including 40 skyboxes, two large business clubs and several restaurants. Overall the percentage of business seats at the stadium is expected to be high, totaling at 5,000 out of the total 40,000 capacity. Two concourses for fans are planned, each stand will offer its own lift, guaranteeing space for at least 200 people on wheelchairs as well.

The idea behind building at Olympia foresees use of Jan Breydel Stadion until the successor is complete. Once Club Brugge relocate, the historical ground would be razed. However, the club has confirmed the specific location of the new arena within the site might be subject to change.



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