Stadion Wielofunkcyjny w Lublinie

Capacity20 000
Country Poland
ClubsMotor Lublin
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
CostPLN 200 mln
Design Kavoo Invest
Design time 2020


Description: Stadion Wielofunkcyjny w Lublinie

The initial idea to modernise the speedway stadium in Aleje Zygmuntowskie evolved into the construction of a completely new arena, to be built in a different location, at Krochmalna Street, on the site of the former horse racing track near the river Bystrzyca. The bold project of full roofing of the facility will make it not so much a modern speedway stadium, but a multifunctional arena serving numerous sports and non-sporting events.

Although the main objective of the facility is to organise events in such disciplines as speedway (speedway riders of Motor Lublin will play their matches there), supercross, karting, drifting, freestyle motocross and mini speedway, it will also be adapted to host horse competitions and shows, volleyball, handball and basketball matches, as well as concerts, artistic performances, exhibitions and fairs.

The grandstands surrounding the speedway track will have a capacity of 17,000-20,000 spectators, with the bottom row of seats above the top edge of the barriers. The length of the speedway track is to be 340-370 m; it will be equipped with a granite surface and kinetic homologated barriers.

Due to the full roofing of the facility, solutions will be applied to ensure effective ventilation and removal of exhaust fumes generated during the motorsport competition. The arena is to house VIP lounges, office and administration rooms, competitors' locker rooms, a conference centre, a fan shop, a gym, a sauna, a doctor's surgery and catering facilities. Next to the main stand there will be a machine park with an area of at least 1800 m². Track lighting will have a minimum of 1800 lux., and the plate, machine park and riders' line-up at least 1200 lux.

Complete project documentation on the basis of the concept prepared by Kavoo Invest is to be ready at the beginning of 2024. Preliminary plans assume that the construction will be completed by the end of 2026. The estimated cost of the investment is about PLN 200 million.