SRFC Stadium

Capacity20 100
Country United States of America
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Cost$ 300 mln
Construction06/2020 - 01/2022
Design HNTB
Design time 2015


SRFC Stadium – design description

In early December 2015 the Sacramento Republic football team presented renderings of their planned stadium in the capital of California. It’s going to stand in the place of former railyards, a massive region being revitalized just north of downtown.

The project is expected to run as a public-private partnership, but the stadium’s cost should be covered entirely by SSEH, parent holdings of the football club. The city of Sacramento by late 2015 has already spent under $50 million to provide roads and other utilities to the area, while the stadium should consume some $180-226 million.

We can only assume the price tag might depend on extent of work done and that in turn depends on when Republic are accepted to the MLS. Surely the time frame for construction is linked to whether MLS approved the team for a potential 2020 expansion, because the earliest opening date was set at March 2018.

The stadium’s concept was created after consultation with roughly 3,500 supporters and utilizes some interesting architectural and cultural associations. In aesthetic terms this compact ground’s eye-catcher is the façade consisting of red diamonds. These are inspired by the red star, a symbol for California and the Republic FC.

Continuous roof and single-tiered stands are expected to create a more European atmosphere. Meanwhile the north end would have a separate terrace for most vibrant fans with its own entrances and infrastructure in an attempt to mimic the famous barras bravas of Latin America.



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