Estadio Pudahuel

Capacity30 000
Country Chile
ClubsUniversidad de Chile
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost$ 50 mln
Design time 2014


Estadio Pudahuel – design description

This proposal to build first ever own stadium for Universidad de Chile was presented just days after Carlos Heller was elected president of the club. Private stadium was set as his priority for the club’s development and the suggested location lies in Pudahuel, in western outskirts of Santiago, just off Ruta 68, the central highway.

Packed between a tall hill and water canal, the stadium and adjacent sports complex are to cover 65 hectares in total. Closest to Ruta 68 would be the stadium, very simple and cost-effective. Its final capacity should be around 30,000-35,000, mostly on a single tier enclosing the pitch. Only the south curve was presented to have an upper deck too.

The stadium itself would cover 34 hectares, while north of it 28 hectares of public leisure grounds are envisaged. Tennis courts, football fields, trekking routes, downhill tracks and many other attractions are to be available throughout the week, but not all on matchdays. Some of the spaces would then be temporarily used for parking. Finally, northernmost new club offices and football training fields would be located, covering 3.5 hectares.

Not to cause jams of Ruta 68 on mtachdays, the club plans to provide three access hubs to parkings around the stadium, while shuttle buses are expected to persuade supporters not to take their own cars.



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