Stadion Miejski w Skierniewicach

Capacity3 000
Country Poland
ClubsUnia Skierniewice
CategoryDesign being implemented
CostPLN 49,47 M
Construction06.2022 – 10.2023
Contractor Mirbud


Stadion Miejski w Skierniewicach – design description

How did the redevelopment of Stadion Miejski in Skierniewice happen?

The comprehensive modernisation of the stadium in Skierniewice had already been planned for several years, and its implementation became possible thanks to the granting of funding from the 'Polish Deal' ('Polski Ład') fund (preliminary promissory notes were received in October 2021). At the end of January 2022, a tender procedure was launched, which was resolved in June of the same year. As a result, the Mirbud company became the main contractor. The ceremonial signing of the contract and the groundbreaking took place on June 29, 2022, with the redevelopment to be completed by October 2023.

The value of the signed contract is PLN 49.47 million. Co-financing from the 'Polish Deal' fund will amount to almost PLN 28.5 million, more than PLN 2.4 million was also obtained from the Fund for the Development of Physical Culture (Fundusz Rozwoju Kultury Fizycznej). The remaining amount is to come from the municipal budget.

What does the remodelling plan for the stadium in Skierniewice include?

As part of the redevelopment, the neglected athletics track will be removed. The pitch will be moved towards the north stand, which will be built from scratch and receive a canopy. The existing south stand will be completely demolished. In its place a new main stand will be constructed slightly north of the previous one, so that it will be located right next to the pitch. The space around the stadium will be redeveloped, including new training pitches (some under roof), access roads, car parks, planting and upgraded tennis courts.

What are the details of the upgrade of Stadion Miejski in Skierniewice?

The new pitch of the main stadium will be equipped with a modern irrigation and drainage system. Along the pitch, on the south side, a completely new main stand will be built. The first rows in this stand will be above the level of the pitch. The auditorium will be fully covered. In the central section, it will be integrated into the new club building, offering extensive facilities (the canopy will be slightly higher in this section).

The stand on the opposite side will be demolished and built anew, together with the canopy. The stadium will be equipped with floodlights, LED screens, CCTV and football safety nets. Initial reports stated that the capacity of the stadium would be maintained at around 5,000 spectators, according to later information the capacity after the redevelopment is expected to be 3,000 spectators.

The stadium's surroundings will include two air-supported halls, under which it will be possible to train in good conditions during the winter months. Under the first will be a full-size pitch - it will stand in place of the existing artificial turf pitch. The second structure, which will stand behind the south stand, by the school, will house two smaller pitches, measuring 30 × 60 m. Completing the training base will be a fourth pitch with a natural surface, measuring 30 × 85 m.

The project will also involve refurbishing the nearby tennis courts. New access roads and parking spaces will also be created, as well as greenery planting. The power, sanitary, water and sewage networks will be reconfigured. The area will be surrounded by a panel fence.