Estadio Anoeta (I)

Capacity40 000
Country Spain
CitySan Sebastian
ClubsReal Sociedad
CategoryDesign not meant to be implemented
Cost€ 30 mln
Design Jonathan Chanca (Realsocialismo!)
Design time 2015


Estadio Anoeta (I) – design description

First works on this project date back to 2013, but detailed vision was created and released in 2015. The aim of grassroots group Realsocialismo! was to improve the debate about Estadio Anoeta’s future. This stadium has been subject to several reconstruction attempts, but none proved successful prior to this vision’s release.

Created by architect Jonathan Chanca, the concept is possibly the most economical idea presented to date. It foresees retaining 71% of the existing stadium, while Real Sociedad’s official vision would see roughly half of the stadium changed.

Major differences are the roof and both end zones. Instead of large trusses supported in each corner, this vision would see a compression ring placed on top of existing roof supports, providing a lightweight cable structure able to cover all seats. Stands behind goals would be retained, but with a reconfigured lower deck, placing fans much closer to the field than in the existing multi-use stadium. Also the sections along both sides would be moved closer thanks to lowered pitch (2.5m) and new rows created in front of existing sections.



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