The Showgrounds

Capacity6 000
Country Ireland
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Cost€ 17.3 mln
Design Rhatigan Architects


The Showgrounds – design description

The project to celebrate club's centenary aims to increase the capacity of the stadium from 4,000 to 6,000 seats. There are three stands at the moment. After the reconstruction, Sligo Rovers fans would have four covered, single-tier tribunes without built-in corners.

Tracey Avenue Stand and Railway End will be refreshed. The latter will receive a roof. New tribune is to replace the existing Jinks Avenue Stand. A brand new tribune will also be built at Church Hill Road End, the site of the former stand that was dismantled long ago. These changes will guarantee UEFA's Category 3, enough for most games.

Moreover, the masterplan includes installation of new floodlights and replacement of the grass surface with a hybrid one. The playing field will also get extended. New stadium's facilities will include a hospitality zone, commercial area, new dressing rooms and a gym. The pavilion and the plaza outside the venue will serve as a place for social and business meetings thanks to restaurants and office spaces.

In addition to football fixtures, the facility is to host rugby games, which would give another source of income. The club is considering creating an academy that brings together young footballers from the north-west of Ireland. There would be 3 pitches at the disposal of youngsters. The location of the academy is not known yet, but it is certain that 8 acres of land are needed.



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