Capacity16 000
Country Germany
Clubs1. FC Saarbrücken
CategoryDesign implemented
Cost€ 16 mln
Design GMP Architekten
Design time 2015


Ludwigsparkstadion – design description

Reconstruction of Ludwigsparkstadion in Saarbrücken won’t be a complete one: the existing north grandstand will be retained, keeping some of the old ground’s feeling. Of course modernized, the stand will remain the largest part of the reconstructed new stadium.

All remaining sides will change, bringing fans much closer to the action. Without the running track fans will be as close as 8.5m (along the sides) and 10m (west/east ends) to the players, nearly as close as international guidelines allow.

Old landfill stands will be removed, but new ones will also utilize landfill to some extent. After all, the field is located below ground level, which means first several rows will be located in a sunken bowl. Upper sections are to be created with reinforced concrete and covered by light membrane roof.

Altogether, the plan is a sensible one economically, priced at €16 million. Although capacity will decrease significantly from current (official) 35,000+ to 16,000. 10,000 fans will be seated, while remainder will be terracing.



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