Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Capacity71 041
Country United States of America
ClubsFalcons, United
CategoryDesign implemented
Cost$ 1,5 bln / mld
Construction2014 - 06.2017
Design 360 Architecture / HOK
Design time 2013


Description: Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The concept is one of two visions that gave 360 Architecture the contract to design new Atlanta Falcons stadium in downtown Atlanta. As it turned out, the final version is just an evolution of the first idea. The stadium will hold some 71,000 people (compared to 65,000 planned initially) and cost $ 1.6 billion (initially thought to be 1 billion).

Nicknamed by architects as the Pantheon, it seems to deserve the name. Connection with the Roman Pantheon is no accident here – independent petals of retractable roof structures may slide to create either a closed dome or a circular skylight above the centre of the field, just like in Rome. Of course each petal may also be located on the permanent roof to give the feeling of a regular stadium with only stands covered.

A unique feature of the stadium is the panoramic screen surrounding internal perimeter of the roof and allowing for every fan inside to see what’s televised.



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