Stadio Libero Liberati

Capacity18 500
Country Italy
ClubsTernana Calcio
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Cost€ 50 mln
Construction2022 - 2024
Design Baldi Margheriti & Associati


Stadio Libero Liberati – design description

The new stadium is to replace Stadio Libero Liberati, which is over 50 years old. Construction will be phased in order to allow the football team to play the games during the works.

The facility is to have a compact shape with single-storey roofed stands. There will be no barriers between the pitch and the tribunes, which are planned to be 7-8 metres from the playing field. The canopy is to be covered with photovoltaic panels, which is supposed to ensure full energy autonomy of the building.

One of the conditions for starting the construction of the stadium is the creation of a private clinic for 200 patients, which is to be built in Ternanello. In the long term, it is expected to bring significant revenues and payback for the construction costs of the stadium.

Nuovo Stadio Libero Liberati area is expected to be 24,000 square metres, which is a significant space saving given that the stadium now covers 39,000 square metres. The venue is to have 6,000 square metres of commercial area, the number of parking spaces is to increase from 123 to 1,290 (new car park on the cemetery side).

A 13,000-square-metre plaza and an underground passage will be built in front of the stadium. A club museum and a youth sports centre are also planned.



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