Stadionul Gheorghe Hagi

Capacity15 000
Country Romania
CategoryDesign outdated
CostRON 240 mln
Design Bruno Andreșoiu / Igloo Associated Architects


Stadionul Gheorghe Hagi – design description

There are plans to build a sports complex with arenas marked with maritime symbolism. Its focal point is to be the football stadium for 15,000 people, which will be erected on the site of the former Stadionul Farul. A rugby arena for 5,000 fans is to be created right next to it. Both stadiums are designed in the shape of sea ships, which alludes to the history of Constanţa (port city).

The concept assumes that the football ground will have uniform laola-shaped stands with the exception of the rectangular main stand. The airy facade is to be covered with light horizontal blinds in the upper part, while the lower will be clad with perforated corten. Thanks to this, the arena is supposed to look like the hull of a ship from a distance.

Additionally, a training pitch and two tennis halls were sketched out. The first one (in the shape of a wave) will accommodate 4,750 fans, which should allow the WTA and ATP tournaments to be hosted. The second one is to be much smaller, with an auditorium of less than 1,000 seats. The tennis facilities will be concluded by 4 open-air courts.

The final point of Bruno Andreșoiu's vision is a building of the administrative centre (sail-shaped) with accommodation, training and regeneration facilities. It will be complemented by a promenade and a small park.



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