Stadionul Giulești

Capacity14 000
Country Romania
CategoryDesign being implemented
CostRON 165 mln
Construction2019 - 2020
Design time 2017-2019


Description: Stadionul Giulești

The old Giulesti stadium in Bucharest will be entirely replaced as part of preparations to Euro 2020, during which it will serve as a training venue. Due to the site being spatially constrained, decision was made to create double tiers along both side with significany overhangs and rounded edges.

Behind each goals there's much more room, enough even to plan training infrastructure for long jump and a modest running track with 3 lanes. A separate covered running track for sprinters is planned beneath one stand. Additionally, accommodation for athletes is planned, able to house 28 people.

The stadium should reach capacity of 14,000 seats and will offer a vast floor space of 40,491 m2 due to five levels of facilities being created. The entirety is planned within a reasonable budget of RON 121 million, though it was later revised upwards, to 165 million.



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