Stadion Rakowa

Capacity6 152
Country Poland
ClubsRKS Raków
CategoryDesign outdated
CostPLN 40 mln ?
Design ART Artur Grodziński


Stadion Rakowa – design description

New stadium for Raków Częstochowa would be built on the very spot now occuppied by the dilapidating municipal venue. Based on previous design by the same architect, for new Nieciecza stadium, it was very fast to prepare and should be fast and relatively cheap in implementation.

The only permanent grandstand would be located in the west, offering 3 levels of facilities, including several private boxes and a major lounge. Holding some 2,500 fans under cover, it would be joined by temporary sections on all remaining sides, initially with additional 4,000 and perhaps even 6,000 seats.

One major advantage of the proposed stadium would be its versatility. On the one hand, from the very start it would be fully enclosed. On the other, temporary or permanent stands could be rearranged inside.



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