Stadion Warty Poznań

Capacity5 000
Country Poland
ClubsWarta Poznań
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Design Koszt-Bud


Stadion Warty Poznań – design description

Why does Warta Poznan need a new stadium?

At the end of the 20th century, Warta Poznan footballers left the deteriorating Edmund Szyc stadium. The new home of the "zieloni" ("greens") was the side pitch next to it, with a small embankment stand (on the west side) built in the mid-1970s. In the 21st century, the stadium at Droga Dębińska (the so-called "Ogródek" – "Garden") was modernized on an ad hoc basis to meet increasing licensing requirements. New stands based on a metal frame were built – behind the south goal (2008) and the east goal (2012).

When the club was promoted to the First Division again in 2018, however, the stadium proved insufficient to meet all criteria. So the team moved to the Dyskobolia stadium, in Grodzisk Wielkopolski, about 50 km away. Although Warta were still allowed to play some matches in the "Ogródek" in the first season, from the 2019/20 season onwards the club played all home matches away from its nominal venue.

In 2020, the old embankment stand at Droga Dębińska Stadium was removed to make room for the future structure, and lighting masts were installed. In 2021, the construction of a heat junction was completed, finalizing the installation of a turf heating system (pipes had already been laid under the pitch in 2012). However, this was not enough for Warta's players to return to their stadium, especially as the club was promoted to the Ekstraklasa in 2020.

Although the construction of a new stadium for Warta had been discussed for a long time, the need for a new facility had never been so urgent. Playing at the City Stadium is out of the question due to the high rental costs, possible attempts to bring the dilapidated Edmund Szyc Stadium back into use also seem unrealistic, so a comprehensive upgrade of the venue on Droga Dębińska is the preferred option.

When was the concept for the new Warta Poznań stadium conceived?

In 2021, the company Poznańskie Inwestycje Miejskie held a tender for the design documentation for the redevelopment of the sports complex on Droga Dębińska and selected the contractor for this task, the company Koszt-Bud. The city laid down a number of conditions according to which the project should take into account ecological aspects and create friendly conditions for residents and people with disabilities.

The plan was to include not only the reconstruction of the stadium, but also the entire surroundings. New training pitches, a fencing hall and tennis courts with social facilities were to be created.

The complex is to be powered by solar panels and use rainwater. Symbols of the "green" design are to be plant-covered facades and meadows on the roof of the stadium, beehives for bees, bird and insect boxes, as well as landscaping, which will include tree and shrub plantings and flowerbeds. There will be parking facilities for bicycles and scooters and charging stations for electric vehicles.

On June 15, 2023, the day of Warta Poznan's 111th birthday, a press conference was held during which the first renderings of the new stadium on Droga Dębińska Street were presented. The concept is to build a brand new facility for 5,000 spectators, complying with Ekstraklasa licensing requirements. The stadium will be built on the site of its predecessor, with the pitch shifted slightly to the east.

What will the new Warta Poznan stadium look like?

The new stadium is to have two large stands along the pitch. The main stand will be located on the eastern side. It will have a canopy covered with photovoltaic panels and a modest second tier, as well as VIP boxes. The stand on the opposite side is to be unroofed. Behind the south gate there will be mainly glazed boxes, and on the north side there will be no spectator seats, but a high wall covered with vegetation.

The building will form a compact, enclosed form. The façade on the east and south sides will be made of glass, and the façade of the west stand will be covered with horizontal slats interspersed with greenery. The roof of the building will be covered with a lawn, and there will also be a garden and even an apiary. Green seats and a new Warta Poznan coat of arms displayed prominently will emphasize the facility's close association with the club.

When will the new Warta Poznań stadium be built?

No details of costing, financing or timetable have been provided initially. The projected cost of the investment is to be known once all the work on the design documentation has been completed. However, the construction of two new full-size training pitches, which have received funding from the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, is already expected to start in 2023. In the coming years, Warta Poznań will continue to play in Grodzisk Wielkopolski.

As the implementation of the investment exceeds the club's financial capabilities, the main burden of financing will most likely have to be borne by the city, possibly with the help of funds from the central budget and private investors.



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