Multisport Fieldhouse Stadium

Capacity30 000
Country Canada
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost$ 890 mln
Design time 2015


Multisport Fieldhouse Stadium – design description

Fieldhouse Stadium is only a portion of the vast Calgary Next project, which could be delivered west of the city’s downtown. The proposed site along Bow River has enough space and great road access, also is serviced by rapid rail system. Despite that and inclusion of 1,500 parking spaces on site, fears of excessive traffic arose just days after initial project release.

The cause of traffic? All-year-round complex comprising an indoor arena for 18,000, fully covered stadium (thus the name fieldhouse) for 30,000 people, congress center, hotel and more, almost all of which in one building.

The stadium itself would be flexible in terms of layout, allowing reconfiguration between athletics , Canadian football, football/soccer and other events, even amateur or community-scale. Early renditions present the lower rows as foldable, though it might not be the final solution.

The project was brought up as private initiative, however its financing might rely significantly on public support. Entire complex might cost as much as $890 million, of which 490 million would come in the form of municipal/provincial contribution and ticket-sale tax.



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