Stadion AWF-u Katowice

Capacity4 800
Country Poland
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
CostPLN 40 mln
Construction2017-2019 ?
Design time 2016


Stadion AWF-u Katowice – design description

New stadium for the Katowice University of Physical Education (AWF) is planned not in the place of the old one, but some 700 meters south, in the place of abandoned and ruined Stadion Gwardii. The present stadium is to be demolished and its land either offered to local authorities or sold to a private investor.

The new building will have two grandstands. Main one, fully covered, is expected to hold 3,400 people, while the opposite terrace will have 1,400 seats. Along the main stand a covered indoor hall with 100m running track will be built, allowing the stadium not only to hold daily training regardless of weather, but also be Katowice’s only stadium able to hold Polish championships in athletics.

The entire scheme is expected to cost 40 million zloty. Parts will be covered by AWF and the city of Katowice but the largest contributor should be Poland’s Ministry of Sports and Tourism with up to 50% of the budget.



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