Stadio Arechi

Capacity35 000
Country Italy
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Cost€95 M ($102.6 M)
Construction09.2024 – 12.2025
Design BUROMILAN, GAU Arena, Studio Zoppini, EP&S, Graziano e Masi


Stadio Arechi – design description

What is Stadio Arechi like?

Stadio Arechi was opened in 1990 and is located in the south-east of Salerno, close to the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea bay. The arena has four two-tiered (with a much larger upper tier), uncovered stands, located along the side and end lines of the pitch and separated by gaps in the corners. The capacity of the stadium after the installation of seats is more than 37,000 spectators, although it has recently been reduced to around 30,000 due to the closure of some sections.

When were the first plans to upgrade Stadio Arechi conceived?

The first reports of a possible upgrade of Stadio Arechi emerged in 2021, following Salernitana's promotion to Serie A after a 23-year hiatus. In addition, on April 22, 2022, Salerno was announced as the host of the European Universities Games 2026. Stadio Arechi is to be one of the arenas for the event, and the authorities of the Campania region have taken an interest in upgrading the venue.

When was the concept for the redevelopment of Stadio Arechi conceived?

In autumn 2022, a tender was launched for the stadium redevelopment project. In March 2023, a group led by Milan Ingegneria (BUROMILAN) was selected as the winner of the tender, out of six bids. Also involved in the design work are GAU Arena, Studio Zoppini, EP&S and Graziano e Masi.

The presentation of Stadio Arechi redevelopment concept took place on July 27, 2023 at the Hotel Mediterranea in Salerno. The vision was presented by the president of the Campania region, Vincenzo De Luca (formerly the long-serving mayor of Salerno), together with representatives of the team of architects.

What does the concept for the redevelopment of Stadio Arechi involve?

The concept calls for the removal of the lower level of the stands and the addition of additional lower rows to the upper tier, giving the venue a single-level auditorium. The stands will also be connected at the corners. The existing lighting masts will be replaced by floodlights attached to the canopy. The capacity of the stadium after modernisation will be 35,000 spectators.

The stadium will receive a roof over all stands, which will include photovoltaic panels. On the outside, the building will be clad in an aluminium façade, matching the new sports hall to be built next to the stadium (designed by GAU Arena). The aluminium panels reflecting the sun's rays are intended to imitate the play of light on the sea surface.

The plan includes new hospitality areas, bars and 18 skyboxes, as well as new concourses inside the stadium. New areas and restaurants with sea views will be available for use outside match days. A club museum is to be located under the south stand.

The modernisation will improve visitor comfort and increase the commercial capacity of the venue. The expansion will give the stadium a more cohesive look and make it one of the most modern football arenas in all of Italy.

When will Stadio Arechi be upgraded?

Although the modernisation was initially expected to cost €35 million, the implementation of the concept presented in July 2023 is estimated to cost €95 million, which is to come from the budget of the Campania region. Construction work is assumed to begin in September 2024 and last until the end of 2025.

Where will Salernitana play during Stadio Arechi redevelopment?

During the construction, Salernitana will have to play its matches at another venue. At stake is the modernisation of Salernitana's previous venue in the centre of Salerno, Stadio Donato Vestuti, where the club played between 1931 and 1990. The renovation and the addition of some temporary stands would cost a further €15 million. Alternatively, the team would move to Benevento (at Stadio Ciro Vigorito) or Bari (Stadio San Nicola) for the duration of the redevelopment.



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