Sinara Arena

Capacity44 130
Country Russia
ClubsFK Ural
CategoryDesign outdated
Design Alkuta Architects
Design time 2013


Sinara Arena – design description

The latest concept for Ekaterinburg is the first so far to foresee complete demolition of the historical eastern and western facades that exist today. Retaining them was a challenge during previous attempts to renovate the stadium and works on reconstructing it ahead of the 2010 World Cup.

These listed monuments are to be recreated once the stadium is done, however, becoming its southern and northern entry gates. Not integrated into the stadium they are expected to still play the intended aesthetic role and provide an exciting entrance for fans walking towards the stadium.

With no limits on the very stadium site any more, the new stands are to take a very conventional form with two large tiers divided by a small skybox balcony. Capacity should exceed 44,000 people, the FIFA-required 40,000 net-capacity.

The concrete stands will be enclosed by a light steel frame, which will support both the roof and facades. Two different materials spread geometrically over the frame should create a dynamic and modern image of the stadium.



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