TQL Stadium

Capacity26 000
Country United States of America
ClubsFC Cincinnati
CategoryDesign implemented
Cost$ 250 mln
Construction18/12/2018 - 06/03/2021
Design Populous, Elevar
Contractor Turner Construction


TQL Stadium – design description

When it was announced in March of 2019 that Populous would take over design work at FC Cincinnati's stadium, it was widely believed that there would only be a slight evolution of the plan. Meanwhile, the outcome is a nearly entirely revamped plan, at least in terms of architecture created.

The stadium's facade was changed from translucent membrane to an intricate set of 513 fins, each richly covered with LED lights. As a result, the facade provides great ventilation and may still become a living screen at night. This won't happen only on the west side, which is closer to homes of the local community and light pollution was an issue. Here, at the main stand, which will house club offices, sporting facilities and bulk of the hospitality.

While we're at hospitality, the stadium will offer a great percentage of premium seating, 17% of total capacity. That's unseen throughout MLS and final number of expensive seats can be matched only by NFL stadia. Overall, 4,500 premium seats are planned, spread across open sections, 54 private boxes, 2 party suites and 3 field-level suites.

On the other side of the spectrum, regular fans will also will not only fide affordable seats within 15 and 130 feet from the field (5-40 meters). There's also a single-tiered safe standing terrace behind the north goal.



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