Stadion Unii Tarnów

Capacity9 500
Country Poland
ClubsUnia Tarnów
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
CostPLN 120 mln ?
Design APA Arches


Stadion Unii Tarnów – design description

The municipal concept for a new Unia Tarnów stadium was first presented in 2016, however by the time detailed documentation was in place, the extent of works proposed proved to be well above expected budget, over twice the amount. That's why the city hall commissioned APA Arches with preparation of this vision, subject to extensive cost-cutting efforts in comparison to the initial one.

As part of the work, architects assessed that the old embankment stands would not be viable as basis for the new stadium, which means nearly nothing would be left from the old ground after reconstruction. Instead of the aged landfill, reinforced concrete structures would be erected on all sides of the stadium, with vomitoria placed on front row level, improving access for fans.

As part of cost-cutting measures, the roof was reduced to only cover the main grandstand (roughly 2,000 people). While the possibility exists to cover further sections in the future, it would depend on greater financial effort from the city. And even after the reduction of capacity to 9,500 and stripping facilities to the bare minimum, the official budget estimate reached PLN 120 million, a third more than the tendered value of the 2016 vision.

Old floodlight masts would be replaced by new structures, as would the main grandstand. Aside from its 3 floors, it would offer a glazed pavilion with 2 further floors overlooking the football field and speedway track. This area would house commentators, control room and VIP areas.



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