Vilniaus Nacionalinis Stadionas

Capacity15 000
Country Lithuania
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Cost€ 40 mln
Design Populous, Cloud architektai
Design time 2017


Vilniaus Nacionalinis Stadionas – design description

The design envisages the construction of a new national stadium for Lithuania approximately 100 metres west of the one that was never completed. The facility will be part of a multifunctional sports complex located on Šeškinė Hill in the capital of the country.

Main stadium for 15,000 people would possibly offer double-tiered stands, even if only the west grandstand would be of significant size. Its outer form would be defined by strong cantilever structures supporting the roof and extending to hold floodlights.

It is expected to build a kindergarten accommodating 300 children, with its building area reaching 3,700 sq m, including a 2,300 sq m outdoor territory. A 56,000 sq m structure will be dedicated to informal education activities. It is to house 6 basketball courts, the handball and indoor football courts with a total area of 7,000 sq m.

In addition, the above-mentioned venue will feature a 1,700 sq m artistic and aerobic gymnastics facility and a 500 sq m boxing, wrestling and physical training area. This building is to have a 1,100 sq m administrative premises.

The Centre for Culture and Education and a library, taking up to 1,600 sq m, are also part of the design plan, including construction of the conference halls that will accommodate approx. 1,500 participants.

The project is to be financed through a 25-year public-private partnership, of which 3 years are planned for the construction and 22 years for the management of the sports complex.



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