FC Bayern NLZ

Capacity2 500
Country Germany
ClubsFC Bayern
CategoryDesign implemented
Cost€ 70 mln
Construction10.2015 - 06.2017
Design time 2015


FC Bayern NLZ – design description

FC Bayern’s youth academy and training centre will be built at Ingolstadter Strasse in northern Munich. The club purchased 30 hectares of land back in 2006, making sure the complex will be located just 2km west of Allianz Arena.

The heart will be created by a mini-stadium. Though completely enclosed and covered, the stands will hold only some 2,500, fitting limited demand for secondary football games. The north end will not hold audience, but will be part of the youth academy facilities.

Groundbreaking officially took place on October 16, 2015. Construction will last until mid-2017 and cost roughly €70 million. Aside of the main stadium the complex will also offer 7 training fields, two of them artificial and two smaller than regular. Also an indoor training hall will be built.



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