Stadion Wisły Płock

Capacity15 000
Country Poland
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
CostPLN 80-100 mln
Design Bończa Studio
Design time 2016


Description: Stadion Wisły Płock

Complete reconstruction of the Kazimierz Górski Stadium in Płock is expected to be phased and result in a long-anticipated football-only stadium. Stands are expected to move to just 6 meters away from the field, or as close as regulations allow.

Concrete stands would accommodate 15,000 people on a single tier, with the exception of western main stand, which would get a modest upper level, just above a strip of commercial boxes. Access to the stadium would be provided from level +1 in the West, South and East, while the northern grandstand lies lower and is available from level 0.

Simple, but still appealing general form will be dominated by blue cladding, reflecting the colour of anchor tenants Wisła Płock.



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