Phoenix MLS Stadium

Capacity20 000
Country United States of America
ClubsPhoenix Rising
CategoryDesign outdated
Design HOK


Phoenix MLS Stadium – design description

The best football-specific stadium in Arizona would be created east of Phoenix itself, between Scottsdale and Tempe. Here, beside the Salt River, a vast residential complex is planned and the stadium would be a significant part of it, occupying 45 acres (18 hectares).

Phoenix Rising commissioned global practice HOK to deliver their stadium design, resulting in an impressive vision of a weather-proof stadium covered with ETFE cushions. This lightweight solution might go hand in hand with solar batteries, which would be included in the outer skin.

Though the stadium would be an enclosed dome technically, it should also create an open-air feeling thanks the use of transparent panels above the central field. Additionally, the north-western corner would create a visual opening, welcoming fans accessing the building.



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