Qatar Foundation Stadium

Capacity40 000
Country Qatar
CategoryDesign being implemented
Tournament World Cup 2022
Design RFA Fenwick Iribarren Architects, Astad Project Management
Design time 2014


Description: Qatar Foundation Stadium

The stadium planned as part of Doha’s immense education complex was initially known as Education City Stadium, later renamed to promote the Qatar Foundation. From the very beginning it was part of Qatar’s bid to hold the 2022 World Cup and its design has been the most consistent from early to final phases.

The enclosed outer shell is shaped to resemble a diamond, highly reflective during the day and illuminated with thousands of diodes in the night. With partially perforated cladding it will also provide sufficient control of temperatures inside, enabling to maintain 24-28 degrees no matter the weather.

At the same time photovoltaic panels will be embedded into the cladding, providing up to 20% of matchday power demand. On non-event days the stadium will supply nearby facilities with electricity. And those will be quite numerous. The landscaped complex will include gymnasiums, clinics, an aquatics centre and facilities for racquet sports, cycling and rock climbing. Even indoor surfing and skydiving will be available.



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