Sportivnyj Kompleks Spartak

Capacity11 124
Country Russia
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Design GrandProekt City
Design time 2014


Sportivnyj Kompleks Spartak – design description

Second stadium for Spartak will be built right beside Otkritie Arena, by its western grandstand. It won’t be a stadium per se, because of steel roof covering the entire arena permanently. Still, full-sized artificial field will allow games to be played comfortably even in harsh winter conditions.

Stands will have total capacity of over 11,000, reaching 15 rows along the sides and 26 behind goals. Atop the western and eastern sections there will be 3 levels of boxes, accommodating 760 VIP guests and media representatives. This specific layout is partly caused by plot constraints, one of which is nearby subway line prohibiting from going lower with the structure.

The stadium will be covered with curtain walls of glass shaped to form waves. Neutral by day, the glass should resemble a subtle colonnade. That impression will be strengthened by night, when illumination will highlight parts of the glass. Lighting may also be used to add theming for various events, like concerts or exhibitions, which will take place here.



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