Grand Stade Ris-Orangis (II)

Capacity82 000
Country France
CategoryDesign outdated
Design HKS Architects, Arte Charpentier
Design time 2013

Description: Grand Stade Ris-Orangis (II)

The presented vision is a competition entry for new national rugby stadium of France. It was selected as finalist, but eventually lost to the concept developed by Populous. The aim was to create an 82,000-seater with retractable roof and sliding pitch.

Three dynamically aligned rings compose the external cladding, divided by narrow glazing. A calm , but monumental form is dominated by the huge dome with only contrasting element – the red wall of the roof.

Since only renderings of the exterior were presented, we know little of the inside. Precise layout isn't known, though we do know that the stands feature the 'la ola' effect (or, more simply, they're wavy – taller alongside the pitch, lower in the corners).


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