Sóstói Stadion

Capacity14 250
Country Hungary
ClubsVideoton FC
CategoryDesign implemented
CostHUF 14.3 bln / mld
Construction01.2016 - 11.2018
Design time 2014
Contractor Strabag


Sóstói Stadion – design description

New stadium in Shekesfehervar will be built as part of a national sports infrastructure scheme. Not all stands of the existing Sóstói will be demolished. The newest main grandstand will only be re-equipped and expanded outwards, receiving a new glass façade. Its seating layout will also change, accommodating bigger hospitality zone and skyboxes.

All remaining stands will be built from scratch, though. First time ever without curves, as a typically rectangular stadium. With simple structure and aesthetics, the stands will be accessible through tunnels in an artificial hill. Steel extractions and perforated mesh will together form the outer cladding of the new stands.

Inside up to 14,250 people will be seated. That’s less than in the old stadium, but in much better conditions. The number includes 1,450 away seats in the north-eastern corner and 3,300 Kop stand for local fanatics in the south.

Initially hoped to break ground in late 2014, the new stadium will see construction commence in January 2016. This comes as result of negotiations with the municipality, who want to carry out their revitalization project simultaneously. The stadium’s outer promenade will become part of a larger public green area accessible year round. Meanwhile in the east the adjacent land will form a terraced park, connecting the stadium with nearby natural reserve.



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