Stade de Sclessin

Capacity40 000
Country Belgium
CategoryDesign outdated
Construction? - 2020
Design Assar Architects
Design time 2016


Stade de Sclessin – design description

The concept of Stade de Sclessin expansion was first revealed during Standard’s regular business meeting in late June, 2016. First announced back in 2015, the plans for stadium improvement were given a more real shape by Assar Architects.

The stadium’s unique seating layout would change only to some extent, by filling both eastern corners to enclose the bowl. Depending on final design, capacity would then be between 35,000 and 40,000.

Perhaps much more importantly, the stadium’s unified red outer form would be closely surrounded by secondary functions. Existing parking sites and training field would be destroyed, making way for a 6,000m2 business park, retail outlets and medical center, vast multi-level parking and a public esplanade that would create a new gathering space for fans.

Standard’s ambition is to have the commercial part operational in 2019, while the entire stadium redevelopment would end in 2020.



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