Stadion Wieczystej Kraków

Capacity2 000
Country Poland
ClubsWieczysta Kraków
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation


Stadion Wieczystej Kraków – design description

How did the project to redevelop the facilities of Wieczysta Kraków originate?

At the beginning of August 2022, the first renderings of the reconstruction of KS Wieczysta Kraków's sports facilities appeared, although information about the club's intentions to modernise its sports infrastructure had already appeared much earlier. The redevelopment will include the reconstruction and expansion of the grounds of Wieczysta, along with the creation of a new stadium with a stand for around 2,000 spectators.

Since Wojciech Kwiecień decided to invest in the club in 2020, KS Wieczysta has been in the limelight thanks to, among other things, bringing in former Polish national teams, including Sławomir Peszko and Radosław Majewski, to the small club, or hiring Franciszek Smuda as coach.

In 2021, the team was promoted to the fourth division and a year later to the third division. However, the club's plans and ambitions reach much further, there is even talk of appearances in the Ekstraklasa, although promotion to the central league would be a great success to begin with.

Sporting successes are also to be followed by an improvement in infrastructure. This time, however, the investment is not to be financed from private funds, but from the city budget, although the municipality is hoping to obtain external subsidies. The cost of the project is expected to be several million PLN. The deadline for the work is not yet known, but all formalities, such as creating the design documentation and obtaining the relevant construction permits, should be completed by 2023.

What will the new KS Wieczysta facilities look like?

The concept involves the complete redevelopment of the grounds of Wieczysta Kraków, including the demolition of the existing stadium, but also the nearby tennis courts. The new arena will be built in the northern part of the complex, with an entrance from Meissner Street. The facility will have a single grandstand with yellow and black seats, with a capacity of approximately 2,000 spectators. The central section of this stand will have a glass pavilion and a canopy. The stadium is expected to meet the requirements for playing 1 liga matches.

In addition to the main stadium, two large and two small training pitches will be built within the complex (at the expense of the tennis courts) to support the club's academy, which trains children and teenagers. There will be new tree and shrub planting. The complex is to be characterised by the implementation of environmentally friendly and energy-saving solutions, such as a small retention system.