Estadio El Sadar (I)

Capacity23 600
Country Spain
ClubsCA Osasuna
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost€ 16 mln
Design DNA Arquitectos
Structural Engineer Victorino Vicente, Integral, BIS Estructuras


Estadio El Sadar (I) – design description

Named “El Nuevo Sadar”, this vision suggests raising capacity of the existing stadium by additional rows on three lower sides, east, north and west. The new size would by 23,600 seats (7,652 added), supported by newly erected external structure. Visually it would decrease the disproportion between south stand and remaining ones by raising their height from 15 to 24 meters. With 30º rake the new auditorium would offer very good sightlines.

The outer supports and extended seating bowl also provides room for additional infrastructure for spectators. This would include increase in the number of gates and vomitories (thus faster access/egress), brand new concourse with catering and sanitary facilities and over 1,700 m2 of commercial space. Also, improved facilities for disabled supporters would be created.

The project's key feature is its dynamic, diagonal ETFE facade. Representing both red and blue, its colour changes along with the movement of the beholder, catching his eye. Also, the main grandstand would hold a highly contrasting, strong trapezoidal form, opposed to the soft and smooth lines of remaining three parts.

All of the stadium's roof would see at least upgrades, though largely complete replacement with new PVC covering, no longer with supports obstructing views.



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