FCS-Park Schaffhausen

Capacity8 200
Country Switzerland
ClubsFC Schaffhausen
CategoryDesign implemented
CostCHF 60 mln
Construction28.08.2015 - 2017
Design time 2014


FCS-Park Schaffhausen – design description

Though plans for a new stadium in Schaffhausen had been circulating for several years, it wasn’t until Sept 2014 that FC Schaffhausen president Aniello Fontana and Gallus Immobilien AG bought the 33,000 sqm of land in the industrial district.

The land is very well located, lying near a major road connection between Switzerland and Germany (the stadium only 300m from Germany itself) and with comfortable access for public transport. Simple prefab stands will hold 8,200 people and be build along the south-west north-east axis due to land location. The north-western main grandstand will be the smallest one, because it’s planned to be incorporated into a major commercial building.

Of the €41 million planned for the project, vast majority will finance the commercial side. This part will incorporate a shopping centre (naming rights holder Lipo and Lidl as key tenants), conference centre and offices. The entire project will be financed privately, unless residents agree upon a municipal contribution of under €1.7m.

Construction was to begin in October 2014, while delivery of the commercial part is planned for April 2016. Eventually groundbreaking was postponed to August 2015.



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