Ross-Ade Stadium

Capacity65 000
Country United States of America
CityWest Lafayette
ClubsPurdue Boilermakers
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Cost$ 45.4 M
Construction11.2022 – 09.2023


Ross-Ade Stadium – design description

How did the new Ross-Ade Stadium redevelopment plan originate?

Ross-Ade Stadium has been operating since 1924 and has undergone many renovations over the years. The last major expansion took place in the early 21st century, when a large building with lodges was built on the west side. The stadium has large horseshoe-shaped stands, with the south side open, where there is only a small permanent stand and a square where additional temporary spectator seating can be added. The facility primarily serves the Purdue Boilermakers college football team, representing Purdue University.

Possible further upgrades have been discussed over the years, and a survey was conducted among more than 12,000 fans on directions for further development of the facility. In April 2022, the Purdue University council approved a new expansion plan. Details of the project were made public before the start of the 2022 college football season.

What does the upgrade design of Ross-Ade Stadium entail?

There are three main components to the proposal: the expansion of the stands on the south side, the construction of a tunnel for players in the northeast corner, and the creation of a nutrition centre for athletes and students in a shop building located behind the north arch of the stadium.

The largest operation will be the construction of new permanent spectator seating on the south side. The existing modest stand will grow significantly in size, and the corners will also be built in a slightly more modest manner. The central part of the expanded south stand will have an interesting, unconventional form, containing a patio and a social area. The stand will be dedicated to students, with its lower rows reserved for the marching band. A large LED screen will be placed at the top.

An important part of the development will be the construction of a tunnel for players in the north-east corner. It is intended to shorten the athletes' route to the pitch and eliminate situations such as those in which the footballers have to wade through crowds of fans after a game. The third major element of the plan is the creation of a nutrition centre for athletes and students. The new accommodations are to create comfortable working conditions for chefs and nutritionists, as well as dining areas, inside and outside, for a total of 150 people.

When will the Ross-Ade Stadium upgrade project be completed?

Work is expected to begin after the 2022 season, in November. The upgraded facility is expected to be ready for the first game of the 2023 season, scheduled for September 2. The cost of the works is projected to be $45.4 million and will be fully covered by donations the university has received from benefactors. The expansion will increase the stadium's capacity to approximately 65,000 spectators.

What are the future plans for Ross-Ade Stadium infrastructure improvements?

The project is described as phase I of the upgrade, with phase II already in the preliminary pipeline, although it has not yet been specified what works it would include. Among the options under consideration are the upgrade of the lodge building, the installation of backrest seats or the reconstruction of the north arch and bringing this part of the stands closer to the pitch. The implementation of phase II is dependent on the university receiving further donations.



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