Stadio Cagliari (II)

Capacity25 000
Country Italy
ClubsCagliari Calcio
CategoryDesign outdated
Construction2019 - 06/2021 ?
Design One Works


Stadio Cagliari (II) – design description

Surrounded by thoroughly landscaped green areas, the stadium sits on a podium accessed by fans through assymetrically planned routes. With secondary uses being placed in additional buildings beside the main stand, the stadium has one unifying and dominant element: the roof. Rectangular and vast, spanning well beyond the seating bowl, the roof adds lightness and organises space.

Double-tiered stands offer a traditional seating layout, compact enough to not only ensure optimal viewing conditions, but also to fit 5,000 additional seats, should such need arise.

The main structure of all stands is wrapped with delicate membrane skin. With LED diods sewn in, the wrap comes alive at night, becoming a giant screen and improving atmosphere, drawing people from afar.



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