Nemzeti Sportközpont

Capacity67 155
Country Hungary
CategoryDesign being implemented
Tournament Euro 2020
CostHUF 90-100 mld / bln
Design György Skardelli (Skardelli Studio)
Design time 2012-2014


Description: Nemzeti Sportközpont

New national stadium of Hungary is to be built within the bowl of existing Ferenc Puskas Stadium. With football-specific layout stands will have much smaller blueprint than the old ones, leaving much room for additional facilities, which would support the surrounding Olympic Centre and provide extra revenue possibilities.

Altogether 15 indoor sports halls within the stadium will allow hosting 21 various disciplines. Perhaps most interestingly, an 800-meter training running track will be placed above the stands (!), with a panoramic view of Budapest.

Capacity is to be kept at similar level with old stadium, at 67,889 people. Below them over 200,000 sqm of space will be available, hosting a 150-room hotel, offices and conference centre. Existing stadium's main building will be retained and serve as football museum.

Construction is expected to start in early 2016 and end in 2019, costing HUF 90-100 billion, an estimate including underground parking throughout the stadium. The figure does not cover the surrounding sports and leisure complex, priced at some HUF 30-40 billion.



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