Stadion Moskvich

Capacity4 200
Country Russia
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
CostRUB 1.86 mld /bln
Construction2019 - 2020
Design time 2018


Stadion Moskvich – design description

Located in south-eastern Moscow, the sports complex was built in 1969 and initially named AZLK, from the car manufacturer beside which it was created. Just like the company, it was then rebranded to Moskvich but unlike Moskvich itself, the stadium still exists.

The car plant went bust in 2010, when the stadium was still awaiting its promised reconstruction. It didn't happen then, however this time things are certain to go forward. Moskvich was included in the list of 35 Moscow sports facilities to be reconstructed by 2023 and works on its site should conclude already by the end of 2020.

Everything will be replaced, from the field and running track, through new floodlight masts to the brand new grandstand. Its layout stands out globally as it will be divided into round section rather than angular ones, each for one of the Olympic circles, with exact colours included. This way it's clear for everyone that the stadium serves also as an Olympic preparation complex.

With 4,200 seats in the auditorium, the grandstand would offer 4 levels of facilities, providing both modern sporting amenities and commercial floor space for event use. In total the stadium's facilities would grow from 1,800 to 9,000 m2.



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