Városi Stadion

Capacity8 150
Country Hungary
CategoryDesign being implemented
CostHUF 13.8 mld / bln
Contractor Épkar Zrt., Nyír-Wetland Generál Zrt.


Városi Stadion – design description

The stadium will be a new home for Nyíregyháza Spartacus FC. The 8,150-seater, supported governmentally, will be built in the location of the current stadium and fulfill all requirements according to the UEFA standards for the venues of Category 2. There is an option of upgrading the standard and expanding the stands in the future. The new stadium will be equipped with a fully covered auditorium and an automatic irrigation system.

Some of the structural elements will be retained during the construction of the new facility. Most, however, will have to give way. The running track, for instance, will be removed completely, only to be replaced by a modest recreational running track around the stadium itself.

The winning bid for the construction has been done jointly by two companies: Épkar Zrt., which was also involved in the construction of the Puskás Arena and Nyír-Wetland Generál Zrt., based in Nyíregyháza.

Within the scope of the project, they deliver all necessary works, including a design of the venue, demolition of the current venue, dewatering, electrical and ventilation works. Construction timing in the tender was scheduled for a maximum of 900 days from an agreement signing.



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