Stadio Porta Elisa

Capacity12 000
Country Italy
ClubsLucchese 1905
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Cost€ 50 M ($ 53,5 M)
Construction2024 – ?
Design Aurora Stadium


Stadio Porta Elisa – design description

What does Stadio Porta Elisa look like today?

Stadio Porta Elisa in Lucca was inaugurated on January 20, 1935. The facility has a football layout and four separate stands on each side of the pitch. The main stand is on the south side and is the only one with a canopy. The building has an interesting modernist form. The stands on the other sides are separated from the pitch by a ditch. Floodlight masts stand in the corners.

The stands along the pitch are structures that have existed from the very beginning. The stadium formerly had an athletics track. Since 1970 the stadium has been equipped with floodlights. In the 1990s, the current stands behind the goals were built and lower rows were added to the south stand. The facility has not undergone any major upgrades in the 21st century.

When was the vision for the redevelopment of Stadio Porta Elisa presented?

On May 17, 2021, the first renderings of the planned redevelopment of the stadium were presented. More details of the project were given at an official presentation at the Auditorium San Francesco on June 7, 2021, at which Mayor Alessandro Tambellini, among others, was present. The project is an initiative of the Lucchese 1905 club, together with Aurora Immobiliare and Consorzio Stabile Santa Rita.

What does Stadio Porta Elisa redevelopment concept involve?

The project involves preserving the modernist south stand. The historic 1930s structure will be renovated, although it will lose its status as the main stand. According to the plan, the distances between the stands and the pitch are to be reduced, so the pitch will be shifted by about 8 m towards the south stand.

The stands on the east, north and west sides will be demolished and replaced with new ones closer to the playing field. The new stands will connect to each other at the corners, but will remain separate from the south stand. They will be fully covered. The floodlight masts in the corners will be replaced by lights mounted in the canopy.

The new north stand will take over as the main stand. It will feature skyboxes and a hospitality area. The project includes a new conference room, four changing rooms, a medical centre, bars, restaurants, education rooms, a children's room and a gymnasium in the stadium.

Underneath the new stands, there are to be underground car parks and rooms for commercial use, so that the stadium can also function outside match days. There are plans to accommodate offices, a museum and a library. A wide promenade will run along the top of the new stands.

From the outside, the new stands will be surrounded by green areas. This will be a reference to Lucca's city walls, which are also surrounded by a green belt. The capacity of the stadium after the reconstruction will be 12,000 spectators.

When will construction work start on Stadio Porta Elisa?

The cost of the redevelopment is estimated at €50 million. The project still has to go through a number of administrative procedures before it can proceed. In May 2023, the project documentation was submitted to the City Hall. It is assumed that construction work could start in 2024.

The work is to be carried out in stages, with the new eastern and northern stands being built first, followed by the western stand, and finally the renovation of the southern stand is planned. During the works, Lucchese 1905 are expected to continue to play their matches at the stadium.