Estadio Agustín Coruco Díaz

Capacity26 096
Country Mexico
ClubsClub Zacatepec
CategoryDesign implemented
CostMXN 500 mln
Design time 2013
Address Escuadrón 201, Centro, Zacatepec, Morelos, México


Estadio Agustín Coruco Díaz – design description

The plan of building a new stadium in the town of Zacatepec was outlined in 2012 and implemented in early 2013, seeing works begin in spring. This sugar cane basin will receive a stadium with external cladding resembling the tall green stalks.

The stands have a unique layout: along the pitch (north and south) they will have 3 tiers, similarly behind the eastern goal. The west end, however, will hold two levels of luxury suites above regular seating and two corners will be semi-open (north-west and south-east).

Simple prefab structure began growing in 2013 and was expected to be fully delivered in just over a year, in June 2014. However, several interferences (local families protest, worker strikes and contractor replacement) influenced the pace. The stadium should be available for first game in August or September of 2014.

Initially priced at some MXN 400 million, the stadium’s budget eventually grew to over 500 million ($39m / €29m). Interestingly, with the capacity of over 26,000 (664 in 115 suites) the stadium will be able to accommodate nearly all citizens of Zacatepec. The town is famous for its football team that won two domestic championships in 1950s and the new stadium’s size (over 10,000 more than the previous one) is expected to bring the glory back.



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