Awe Abadir Stadium

Capacity56 000
Country Ethiopia
ClubsHarar Beer Bottling
CategoryDesign being implemented
Cost$ 71 mln
Design Shigez Consulting PLC


Awe Abadir Stadium – design description

New stadium for the city of Harar in eastern Ethiopia will in practice be built beyond city limits. A plot of 19 hectares was earmarked near major avenues created for a new district.

This 56,000-seat stadium is expected to be part of that district. Interestingly, the city’s population is just over 150,000, which makes the stadium’s capacity very high, even considering rapid population growth.

Final shape of the stadium may differ from the images, though double-tiered layout and running track will almost certainly remain in place. Cornerstone laying took place on May 2, 2016 and construction is due to end in 2021. The project is phased, so the ground’s operation may begin as early as 2016.



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